Slept On

It’s a term used in Hip-Hop that can fit any walk of life.  It’s when you are being overlooked or your talent and contributions aren’t being.  Aside from a select few prodigies, it happens to nearly anyone that has reached success.  It happens when people underestimate you.  When you are slept on, its not because you aren’t as good as your peers, or your competition, it’s because your talent and hard work haven’t been recognized by a larger group.  This could be the mainstream or it can be the critics.  Even though you can’t see it, you know victory is about to come, and that success is around the corner.   You are paying your dues. When you are Slept on, you will go through frustration.  It’s natural – but you don’t have to be frustrated because you know your time is about to come.

50, Jigga, Kayne were all slept on.  50 was dropped from his label, Jigga couldn’t find a label to sign him, and though his beats were banging, no one wanted to hear Kanye rap.

Kanye’s album was passed over by most labels, even Rocafella…the label that he was making all the dopes beats for!  Yet a couple years later, that same album would go on to be praised as one of the best albums in recent memory, grammy nominations, B.E.T. awards, and most importantly – Kayne set a trend in popular music – not just Hip Hop.  He even made you dance to Jesus in the clubs.

One of my favorite athletes that has been slept on is Chauncey Billups.  Sure he was the number 3 pick in the draft, but he floated around from team to team before becoming a star on the Pistons.  Another is Steve Nash.  Both players have something in common – they got better with age – an anomaly in sports.  I think it may have had something to do with being slept on and having to work extra hard to prove themselves.

Power Thought:  Think long term.  When you go to the gym you aren’t going to see the effects from working out day to day, but if you keep the consistency you know you’re muscles will be bulging and your waist line smaller in no time!  Use it to your advantage.  Prove the critics wrong.  Know that as long as you focus on the day, and on doing your best on your daily habits, when you are recognized you will be more than prepared, and thus more than ready to be a success!


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