I don’t like to work out, I prefer to Train.

“Working out” can get boring – after all – it’s “work.”  But replace “working out” with “training” and you might notice a change.

The words you use create your reality.  A slight shift in changing the words in your vocabulary can result in big differences in your life.

“Working Out” is going thru the motions.  It’s doing it because feel like you have to.  It’s short term.

“Training” is working out with purpose.  A plan with commitment…  It’s getting ready to attack a big goal.  It’s long term.  Training encompasses everything you do – from the gym, to the clothes you wear, to the food you eat, to your sleep at night.   It’s a way of life.

When you are “working out” you can miss a work out.  It is difficult to make the connection between today’s workout and the effect it will have months from now.

Have you ever had a long term goal at the gym?  Maybe three months, maybe six months, maybe even a year.  Chances are when you had the goal your workouts were more focused.  You avoided missing a workout at all costs.  You went to the gym when you didn’t want to.   You were tired – even exhausted, but you still went and pushed your way through.

Life is a marathon race, not a sprint.  You can’t run a marathon over night – you have to train and create a plan of attack to make it thru the punishing race.

The words that you use to define reality are the words that will propel you to success – or failure – so make sure you use words that reflect ambition, positivity, and power.

Stay Driven!


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