Plan All The Way Til The End

“According to the cosmology of the ancient Greeks, the gods were thought to have complete vision into the future.  They saw everything to come, right down ot the intricate details.  Men, on the other hand, were seen as victims of fate, trapped in the moment and their emotions, unable to see beyond immediate dangers.  Those heroes, such as Odysseus, who were able to look beyond the present and plan several steps ahead, seemed to defy fate, to approximate the gods in their ability to determine the future.  The comparison is still valid – those among us who think further ahead and patiently bring their plans to fruition seem to have a godlike power.” –  48 Laws of Power

This is my favorite chapter from Robert Greene’s book.  While it is important to break down our goals into daily, weekly or monthly tasks, it is important for us to keep the big picture in focus at all times.

It reminds me of something that Steven Covey says – “Begin with the end in mind”

When you have a big goal you have to work backwards tracing all the steps required to move towards it – not the other way around.  If you start small you may fall victim to the treadmill syndrome and while you are moving – you are going nowhere fast.

Make sure to take time to plan all the way til the end!


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