Good Mechanic

Just took my car into the mechanic.  I didn’t have any problems, just needed an oil change.  I was there early in the morning to be in and out as quick as possible, but before I got around to handing him the keys we talked for fifteen minutes.  We talked about family – we are both new fathers, as well as about business.  Then we got around to the reason I was there.

I could take my car to the dealership and they would do a good job, but I go to my mechanic because I trust him.

When there is a problem with my car he will let me know.  When there is something that may be a problem down the road, he will give me a heads up.  I’ve gone enough times where there are no problems and I’m on my way quickly.

One time I was out of town and with a few hours to spare I took my car to a spot nearby for an oil change.  I was overdue and figured I might as well get it done while I had a chance.

Just as I thought the job was done, they informed me that there were a few problems… “You don’t have to get this done, but you really should.”

“Why what could happen?” I asked.

“Well your wheel could come off when you are driving on the highway.”

Whoa.  I don’t know much about cars.  I don’t know what urgently needed or what I may be able to get by with.  I had to trust his opinion.  But I didn’t trust him.  I didn’t know him.  I told him I will think about doing it next time.

The next time I was back at my regular mechanic.  I asked him to look into the problem that the last guy had told me.  He checked it out and came back laughing.

The car was fine.  I was safe, and there wasn’t a chance that my wheel was going to come off my car.

I was relieved, but I was also glad that I had someone giving me advice that I could trust.

Some people go for the quick buck.  They see an opportunity to make some fast money and they take it.  But a business is built on clients not customers.  When you treat your customers with respect and as more than just a transaction they will reward you with their loyalty for years to come.


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