Picking up the phone

I recently had a problem with someone that I work with and it was getting under my skin.  It was on my mind for a few days – I’d think about it when I was doing chores or driving around.  I told my wife about.  She wasn’t surprised, I’d had this same issue with the same person in the past.

The easy thing to do would be to write an email.

That way I could think it through and send it when I had the right tone.

But then I thought about it – it would be the easy route but was it the most effective?

I’d tried the email route with this person before.  I got an answer and it felt good because I thought the problem was solved, but the person would soon revert back to the same behaviour.

So I decided to pick up the phone.

I didn’t have to talk about the problem because I talked about the solution.

I still have to wait for the person to follow through, but I feel more confident that he will this time.

I learned the lesson that as a Leader you need to take the initiative in communicating with your team members.

The best way is to be direct.

There is no point talking to others about what ‘think’ about the other person – it might blow off some steam but it won’t get the job done.

Sometimes you’ve got to go right to the source.


One thought on “Picking up the phone

  1. Keep us posted about what happens. As a Leader, you so did the right thing. So few people want to pick up the phone, but, for this issue a phone call or a face to face meeting was the right way. Congratulations!

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