Stop Doing List

I read a great idea from Jim Collins in his book “Good To Great” – a lot of people keep a to-do list but what about a stop doing list?

When you scratch everything on your to-do list you feel accomplished – but sometimes it can be a false sense of accomplishment.  Somethings on your to-do list take longer to write down on your list than to actually do and finish.  Somethings aren’t important – only urgent, somethings are are omitted that you procrastinate.

A stop doing list is different because it doesn’t focus on tasks as much as habits.

I guess it could be a task – like stop eating after eight, or stop browsing facebook in the day – but I think of a stop doing list more as a behaviour – such as stop worrying about the future and focus on the now, stop procrastinating,  stop hanging out with people that hold you down.

As important it is to get things done – its important that we look at the habits we have that are holding us back from accomplishing our goals.


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