You Never Know – One Fan At A Time

One of my favorite things about music, and performing music, is that you never know who you are going to reach.  You never know the impact that you can have on someone.

Today I was at a school in a small town.  I’d been here before so I was familiar with the area.  My last performance there had been about a year ago.

After the presentation I signed autographs like I do after most performances.  It’s always good when its a place you’ve been to because you feel a stronger connection.  I felt that connection with the first autograph I signed.  I said to the kid, “Good to see you again.”  He paused and looked at me and said “You really remember?”

The funny thing is I did.  At least I thought I did.  He looked familiar, but the truth is I couldn’t tell you for sure that I did remember him, but that’s the thing – it didn’t matter.

While he met me that first performance, I met him and five hundred other kids.  The next day I met five hundred more, at another school in a different city.  It was easier for him to remember than me.

As he walked away I looked at him.  He was a regular kid, but looked like he didn’t quite fit in, looked like he was going through the awkward phase of growing up.  The message in my show was directed to youth like him, and I felt it connected.

Moments later he was gone and another group of students entered for the second show, but I still thought about this one kid.

As I was leaving the school after rocking my two shows, the kid reappeared to say goodbye and to give me props.

It made me realize that’s what it’s all about – making the connection.   I felt like I had made an impact on him, but he also left one on me.

#One Fan At A Time


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