My Favorite Business Podcast


Lately I’ve been listening to podcasts more than music.  As a rapper and musician it feels strange to say this, but its been true.  One of the podcasts that I listen to the most is Jayson Gaignards’ Mastermind Talks.  It’s a business podcast catered to entrepreneurs.

One of the things I like about it is that it isn’t about the quick solution.  So many business books and podcasts cater to the get rich quick philosophy.  It’s the same in the music business where alot of what you read is based on achieving overnight success or instant fame.

That is what separates this podcast from the pack.  Jayson talks about the importance of connecting with your core base – whether its a customer or a fan.  It’s about making the right impression and the long term connection.

Occasionally he will insert one the talks from a speaker that performed at Mastermind Talks.  These ones are always good and provide a lot of value.

Definitely worth a listen… check it out by clicking here




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