Toni Morrison on Creativity

I’ve always liked the saying from author Toni Morrison on creativity.

She says she started writing because she couldn’t find the books that she wanted to read.

It’s a powerful statement.

As a rapper, I can relate.  When I was growing up, I had no problem finding music that I enjoyed.  I purchased tapes and CD’s weekly and would listen to them again and again, learning the lyrics and rapping along.  But as I get older, I find myself listening to music less and talk radio and podcasts more often.

I still love music, I just find it harder to find the music I want to listen to.

But that’s why I love to create.

If I am listening to music, its usually my own or music from my friends.

Sometimes not fitting in can be a good thing.  No sense in trying to duplicate what is already out there when you can create your own.


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