Small Steps

One of the best ways to attack big goals is to take small steps.

It’s sounds basic, but it is something I’ve found true over the years.

A big goal can often be intimidating.  It’s something that can’t be achieved in day… or a week… month or even year.  That can lead to procrastination – might as well start tomorrow since it won’t get done today.

Only thing is, the same problem arises the next day.

I think that one of the reasons most people fail is because they don’t take – and don’t value – taking small steps.

When you break your goal into small steps you develop momentum.

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve heard is to write down five goals that you want to achieve each day.

It can be something like working out, posting a blog, eating healthy throughout the day.  When you achieve these five goals you feel confident.  It makes you want to do it the next day to achieve five more.

When you develop momentum you also set yourself for going on a streak.

When I’ve worked out for ten days in a row, of course I want to go for the eleventh to keep my streak going.

When I freestyled for six hours, of course I wanted to keep the streak going and go for over eight.

After you accomplish small steps, its amazing how much closer you are to your big goal.


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