A week without my laptop

Recently I ran into a problem with my macbook.  As soon as I took the power cord out it died.  It was effectively turned into a desktop.  So I took it into the shop.  I was hoping to get back in a few short hours like I have in the past.  But this time was different.  They said they would need to keep it for a day or two since they were backed up.  Oh well, I was going on vacation for three days – I figured when I got back it would be fixed.

I’ve been back for two days and its still not ready.

Surprisingly it hasn’t been as painful as I thought it would be.

I rely on my computer.  I’m on it first thing in the morning and work on it throughout the day.

But in its absence I’ve found other ways to do things.  To place a call instead of writing an email.  To work on other business tasks.  To use my Ipad instead.

In someways its been a blessing to use different mediums to do my work.

As a rapper I used to swear by a pen and a rhymebook.  I needed to write my songs down.  Rappers, like writers, would romanticize the use of a notebook.  I took pride in filling up pages and then full books.  Don’t stop writing til the ink flow end was one of my favorite lines from Ice-T.

One moment where it all seemed to change is when Drake started “freestyling” on Funk Master Flex’s radio show.  He wasn’t rapping off the top of his head, wasn’t rapping a verse he memorized, but instead he was holding up his black berry and reciting his rhyme.  Some were critical “That’s not how you are supposed to do it!” they said.

But that largely came from an older generation.  For the new generation it was a common practice.

Nowadays I will read my raps off a phone or Ipad when I’m in the booth.

Changing your method keeps things fresh.

When your phones dies, are you able to reach for a pen and paper and do it the old way?

When the gym is closed, or there isn’t one when you are at a hotel, does it mean you skip your workout – or find a new one.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on gym fees over the years, but when I switched to doing workouts at home with P90X, or doing pushups, pullups, situps and jogging on the streets – I saw similar results.

Someitimes it helps to take things back to the basics.


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