Chilling in the air on the way to Miami.

Got to love Internet on the plane.

Also happens to be my birthday.

So I’m extra hype.

It will be my first time in Miami in five years.  Don’t know if that one fully counts though.  I was only there for one day.  We had an Art of Fresh show in New York one night and then flew to Miami to perform at Barry University.  Back on a plane home the next day.  My son was just a few weeks old so wasn’t getting away with staying longer than I needed to.

Miami is a place that has always been a part of the dream…

In 2003, I came down with several of my friends to check out the Source Awards.

As soon as we landed, my boy had us on scooters and we were riding through the city.  Seemed like everyone had a scooter.  A few nights later we were in a cab and I see Method Man on one beside us at the intersection.

Back then I had a stack of CD’s and took them along the beach to sell.  Made out pretty good too.

I bumped into DMC and I remember him being cool – just in the sense that he gave us the time of day and when he took the CD he looked like he genuinely meant it when he said he was going to listen to it.

I had a pocket recorder – no Iphone back then – and I got drops from Trina and Dead Prez and Wyclef.  It was a great trip.

The awards were on a Monday and we would be flying back on Tuesday morning.

I was scheduled for work on Tuesday afternoon.  Teaching/tutoring kids in Scarborough.

But on Monday I picked up my phone and placed the call to my boss.  Told him the news.  I could come in tomorrow if he needed me, but I was quitting my job.

He wasn’t surprised.  He was more interested in finding out what was happening in Miami that made me go through with it.

I loved how I had people rooting for me back then… and how they still do.

I felt a weight off my chest after I hung up.  Been on that path ever since.

Miami is also a memory for an Art of Fresh show we did in 2010.  We played at the Clevelender one of the famous hotels in the city.  It felt good to have the crew down there.  Slaks, Nana, G, Wil.    I even wrote about it in my book when talking about surrounding yourself with good people.

And now I’m back to go check out a conference.  Revolt  Put on by Diddy and company.

A couple friends on the plane with me…

A couple of friends picking me up when I touchdown…

Still living the dream.

Wonder what memories will be created this weekend…



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