Knowledge Isn’t Power

One of the most popular motivational sayings is: “Knowledge is Power.”

On the surface it sounds great.  When you learn you have the ability to achieve more.  It’s a commonly used saying when addressing youth.  Doing well in school will create more options and opportunities for youth as they become adults.

But knowledge alone isn’t power.  Not if you don’t do anything with it.

That’s why I like this quote from Tony Robbins in his book Money:

“Knowledge is not power – it’s potential power.  Knowledge is not mastery.  Execution is mastery.  Execution will trump knowledge every day of the week.”

If you don’t put knowledge to work it becomes wasted.  It leads to unfulfilled potential.

You can learn about eating healthy and exercising, but unless you execute you aren’t going to lose weight.  You can go to College or University and specialize in a profession or trade, but unless you put that book knowledge to use, you won’t have the power in that field.  This is especially true with reading motivational or business books.  Reading can be a passive activity.  You sit back and relax with a book.  But to get the most out of a book you need to be active.  You need to do the worksheets at the end of the chapter, you need to make notes, and then you need to take action.

It makes me think of some people I know that have gone to college and university but haven’t applied what they have learned.  They’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars and committed years of their life but in the end, they waste it by not putting it to use.

You may not end up in the field that you went to school for but that doesn’t mean you can’t apply the knowledge you’ve learned.  I went to University and took English.  I thought I was going to go to teachers college after my degree.  Although I’m a Rapper, my degree is something I use all the time.  I use it when I’m writing an email to book a show, I use it when I’m writing a blog, I use it when I’m writing my raps.

Learn as much as you can, but make sure you put it to use.



2 thoughts on “Knowledge Isn’t Power

  1. I’ll keep this one short – I had a great example of exactly this just the other day while working with a relatively familiar client. Simply put, said client thought that because they hired me, they’d magically lose weight. Never mind the lack of a food journal, logging their workouts in to their online account, showing up to all their appointments – essentially all of the prescribed “homework”…

    Part of my mantra is “Knowledge is power. And I kinda dig empowering people…” But I really like the Robbins-esque spin you put on it – Knowledge can be power. I guess I just always assumed that while I can provide the tools for success, it’s up to the person in front of me to use them.
    I’ll teach you how, but you still have to do the push-ups…

    I’m going to stop assuming that people know that moving forward.
    Thank you.

    Knowledge can be power. But delivery is key. And I kinda like empowering people to deliver.

    1. I hear ya. Definitely a lot of similarities to working out / losing weight / training.

      Many people know what they need to do. They just don’t do it.

      And similar to training – you have to do it daily. No magic pill.

      “Delivery is key”!
      I like that one.

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