Basketball Is Back

Ahh yeah!

Love how basketball is back.

Watched a little bit of the games last night and am excited for the Raptors to begin their season tonight.

Seems like the NBA can only continue to go up.

NFL has concussion issues.  NHL has never caught on in the US.  Baseball has made their comeback – in Canada at least because of the Jay’s recent success, but for the most part, the fans are older.  Soccer? It’s on the way up, but it will take some time, and I don’t know if I will ever understand a sport where there are only a few scores each game.

But Basketball?  It’s only getting better and better.

One reason is that it used to be easy to say who was going to win it all, or appear in the finals, even before the first tip off of the year.

When Lebron was in Miami, it was easy to predict that they were going to win it all.

Now it is not that easy.

Could be Cleveland – and if they win it would be huge – that city hasn’t had a winner forever.  Could be Golden State repeating.  Could be the Spurs, the Rockets, the Bulls, OKC… the list goes on.

Can’t wait.

The only thing I miss is this old NBA theme music…



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