When it is all said and done what is the ultimate goal for an MC?

I’m sure you would get a thousand different answers from a thousand different MC’s.

But for me, it took reading Jalen Rose’s new book to find my answer.

Of course he’s not talking about being a rapper, but instead what the dream is for a basketball player.

But basketball and Hip-Hop have always had a special relationship.

The easy answer is that the goal for a basketball player is to win a championship.

Just like a musician can dream of winning a trophy – a Grammy or a Juno.

Another popular answer is money – something rappers talk a lot about, but don’t necessarily have.

But I love what the main goal is for Jalen – to be a Veteran.

“Veterans are the guys who have earned something money can’t buy: the respect of their peers, and the knowledge that they are a true part of professional basketball.”

For me, that’s what this video represents – 100%

I wrote this song with the video in mind.

I was heading to New Skool Rules in a few months.  I knew I would be instrumental in leading a crew from Canada out there.

I’d done it before.  I mean, one of the things I’m proud of is to say that I showed Rich Kidd, Shaun Boothe, Devon Tracy, and DJ NaNA their first time in Amsterdam.

We had a legendary time.

This time the crew was larger.

The conference was done.  We’d had a great time in Rotterdam (shoutout to Henca and Greg!) and each MC felt great… acomplished… and that they were living the dream.

We were.  We had performed halfway around the World.  We had each made new connections.  We felt confident about the future.

That’s how we felt when we stepped on the boat to shoot this video.

Now what you can’t see is what happened after the videoshoot.

That night the whole crew performed in Amsterdam (shoutout to my man Chucky Ras!)  who makes a cameo in the video – for putting the show together.

We had thirteen Canadian rappers perform that night.

It was epic.  Packed house in Amsterdam.  Live crowd.  We shut it down.

Today I bought another ticket back to Amsterdam.  More shows in 2016.  I can’t wait for 2016.

I can’t wait to take some more MC’s back.

So nah, might never take home one of those trophies.  Might never find myself on the “buzz” list of artists.

But my first music video came out on Much in 2001.  I quit my job in 2003.  And 2014 and 15 I had arguably two of my best years in the game.

The NBA season started a couple days ago and Kevin Garnett was a starter.  It’s his 21st season.

I’ve got 5+ years before that point, but that’s what I’m trying to do.


Ahhh yeaaaah.


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