The Price of Discipline

“Price of discipline is always more than the pain of regret”

When I felt the raindrops it could have been so easy to write it off as a good reason to give up on my morning jog.  But the jog wasn’t the hardest part.  The harder part was getting out of bed before 7 am when there wasn’t an urgency to do so.

But thats discipline.

I had a busy day.  I knew that if I didn’t jog in the morning then I wasn’t likely to do it.

The funny thing about discipline is that when you commit to one task it can translate into other areas.

For me, doing that morning jog meant that I already conquered a goal.

I was on the right track.

“The Pain Of Regret”

Regret happens when you choose to forego discipline.  One excuse turns into a two and the dominoes are set in motion.

What are you putting off in your life?

Seems easy to let it slip for a few days but that can turn into months and then years.
Sometimes you’ve got to get back on track.  Maybe its just a small action, but the results will grow over time.  And when you build up a streak, you don’t want to break it so you keep going.

Stay Driven.


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