Dec 2015 Uk Trip – part 1

It’s raining in London.  I know – I shouldn’t be surprised, but I’ve had a good streak of traveling here and having great weather.  Oh well, it was a beautiful sunny day when I arrived a couple days ago and a little bit of rain today can’t dampen my spirits…

I’m half way through my trip.  Had a couple of great days and looking to finish with a couple of great nights.

Over the last few years London has become like a second home.  Then again I’m in Amsterdam a lot – so maybe London is a third home – either way its a good feeling when you’ve been a city a few times.  It becomes familiar and now I find it a lot easier to get around.  Not like I’m close to knowing the whole city – this place is huge!  But at least I know my way around the tube, and know how to use my Oyster card.


Spent the first night sippin on Prosecco celebrating my man Aspektz birthday.  Didn’t even know it was his birthday.  Good timing.  I’ve known Aspektz for almost ten years now.  From him coming to a grant seminar at Bounce studios to keeping in touch and watching his music and hustle continue to improve.  When he pulled off a 360 degree video for Swivel I was impressed – never saw something like that before.  When he decided to move out here, at first I was surprised, but then realized that’s how this guy moves.  And he keeps on making moves.  Excited for what he’s about to do next…



On my first full day I connected with my man Faron McKenzie for lunch.  Couldn’t believe its been 5 years since I’ve seen him.  Social media has kept us in touch.  Faron’s one of the favorite guys I’ve met in the music industry.  Always has fresh ideas… Always working on a big new project…  And always looking out for Canadians! Back in 2011 he brought five Canadian acts out to London for his conference Music Connex.  Hard to hard to top that trip.  Shared a flat with Famous, Rich Kidd, Slakah the Beatchild, DJ NaNa and on top of that we had Zac Facts shooting, Courtney Uno holding it down, and J Diggz rolling thru every now and then.  Then there was a party bus on the last night… legendary.

But back to the trip… Quick stop thru at Disrupt to kick it with the homies Matt Thorne and Phil Kemish.  This year I’ve seen these guys in Texas at SXSW, New Skool in Rotterdam and MIDEM in France so was only right I see them on their home turf!

Tubed it back across the city and had an hour to kill before the next meeting.  Was set to connect up with Aspektz before the meeting so walked around trying to find a coffee shop to meet.  Walked a few blocks, but didn’t find a place with the right vibe.  Then I saw a cool restuarant / bar spot.  Started to text him that we should meet up here, when I heard

“Yo, D.O!?”

Turned around and took me a minute to recognize my man.  Wasn’t really expecting to see someone I know randomly in the streets of London.  But then it came back to me, my man Darrell!  He played University ball with one of my best friends.  Used to hang out when I came down there.  Small world.

Funny when you catch up with someone that you literally haven’t seen in 15 years.


But its a good feeling to see people doing well.  He moved to London, working a great job, traveling the World.  Got to love it.

And its funny for me because I love when people tell me stories of back in the day… “You were always freestyling, we used to just give you words…”  to “Man, I still have that CD with the silver label on it.”

Gibson’s Finest.  A CD I made in 1999 jacking beats and the label was printed from my inkjet printer.

Made me realize how far I’ve came.

Hip-Hop has always been a great journey… and an adventure…

And it only continues…





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