UK Trip – Day 2 – #Crowdmixiscoming


Chillin at Crowdmix offices with Manny Musa
Chillin at Crowdmix offices in London, UK with Manny Musa

I attend a lot of music conferences and one of the things I enjoy most – aside from discovering new artists – is learning about new technologies and ideas.

I first heard about Crowdmix in the Spring when I met Angus and Chris at Canadian Music Week.  It sounded interesting – a platform to discover music through friends and friends through music.

It’s crazy to think that since Myspace there isn’t a social media site that engages music.    While Facebook and Twitter and Instagram are all great, I still think that void hasn’t been filled.

Next I got a chance to meet more of the team in France at MIDEM.  Now  I was getting intrigued…

Over the next few months I began to see a constant stream of news fill up my timeline on social media… now I really wanted to see what was up.

So it was great getting a chance to stop by the Crowdmix offices while I was in London in December.

I connected with Damon and Gareth who I met at MIDEM in the summer.  I was introduced to Manny who is part of the team and also a talented rapper

First off the office was impressive.  I wasn’t expecting it to be so huge! haha You can tell its part of a younger generation when a conference room is nicknamed “Biggie” complete with a drawing of him on the wall.

One side you have the young professionals working away on the music side, and on the other I saw the seasoned professionals discussing business plans.

After hearing about it for so long, was great to finally get a chance to see what the buzz is about.

The hype is real.

I think Crowdmix has a chance to become the next big social platform.

Back in the day I loved finding the new artist before they blew up…

I still love that, but now I also love finding the new technology before it takes over.


To find out more check here




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