The Power of the Follow Up

Many people assume that after you’ve contacted someone the ball is in their court.

Since you initiated the conversation, now its up to the other person to respond.

If they doesn’t respond – or respond quickly – it’s easy to get upset or frustrated.  Sometimes we create a false narrative thinking that the person doesn’t “like you” because they didn’t respond right away.

That’s why there is so much power in a follow up.

I recently sent an email to a blogger asking them to check out one of my new songs.  I had tailored it specifically to the person instead of doing a generic email blast.  After all, I knew this person and we had exchanged emails in the past.  A few days later and I didn’t hear back.  Strange I thought, but all good.  A week passes by and no response.  So about a week and a half after sending the initial email I sent another email.  “Hey, just wanted to follow up on the email I sent last week and make sure you got it.”

Five minutes later and I had an email in my inbox.

“You know what, I didn’t.  I just double checked my junk mail and there it was!  Sorry about that.  I’ll check it out right now and get it up on the site.”

Problem solved.

I’ve heard from many artists that get discouraged when their music isn’t posted on a blog.  They will tell me “But I emailed them!”  or “That blog doesn’t like me.”

And maybe their music wasn’t up to par.  But maybe the person just didn’t get the message.

Back in the day things were harder.  To get music to a journalist you had to physically send them a copy.  You wanted to have professional CD so if it wasn’t pressed, you had to burn one and design and print a label.  Oftentimes I would include a whole press kit – a file folder with 8 X 10 full colour photo and some additional attachments.  It was a lot more work and it cost a lot more money.

Now we just have to send an email.

Techonology has made things easier but its also made people lazy.

It’s amazing what taking an extra step can do.




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