One Idea

A friend of mine released an e-book and I wanted to support it by purchasing a copy.  I was looking forward to reading.

Then I saw it in the ebooks store for $25 – a lot more than the $9.99 that most books go for.

It made me hesitate, but only for a second.

I hit “buy” and instantly the book was downloading to my Ipad mini.

E-books are great because they are convienent.  But it also made me realized how I forgot that technology had changed my spending patterns.

Back in the day, I would frequently spend $25 on a physical copy of a book.

And even at $25 it is still a bargain.

One thing that I always think about when buying a book is:

If I get one idea out of the book its a good purchase.

Of course its great to get more than one new idea, but if I only get one, its still a great value.

It’s the same principal that I apply when attending a conference or going to see a speaker.

I want to come away learning something new.


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