No One Knows Who You Are

Had a good talk with my friend Maestro Fresh Wes recently.  As a Canadian Hip-Hop pioneer and legend, its great to be able to call him a mentor.

We were talking about his latest music video.  It had been getting great response.  It even landed on Worldstar.  But it was something that he said that stuck with me.

“No one knows who you are.”

He wasn’t talking about me – and how could he be talking about himself – Everyone knows who Maestro is in Canada.  Instead, he was talking about his outlook on the music business.

For me, Maestro was well known.  I’d listened to his music for the last twenty five years.  But as a veteran in an industry where attention spans are short and careers even shorter, Maestro knows he can’t just rely on his past success.

Sometimes you have to keep at it.  Keep creating and keep releasing.  Some people will pay attention, some won’t.  It will be new for some, others may not even notice.

But you never know what might stick.




omething he said stuck with


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