I can fail breaking bricks

“I can fail breaking bricks or I can fail making hits” – August Rigo

Loved this line.  Heard it on The Come Up Show podcast.  (Link below)

I’ve always been a fan of August Rigo.  He had several tracks play nonstop on the radio back when Flow was in its prime.  I knew he had been doing some songwriting but had no idea it included Bieber, One Direction and Chris Brown.  Heavy hitters.

As a musician you want to make the best music possible, but you also want other people to enjoy it.  You want it to be a hit.

That can lead to a lot of self-induced pressure.  But there is the other side of it.  You can give up.

Where is the fun in that?

I used to work at Burger King and sometimes I will go into a BK just to remember what it was like.  I will take a deep breath and smell the whoppers and fries that I used to make.

Those were my “breaking bricks”.  I don’t regret it.  It makes me appreciate where I’m at now and to realize that making music shouldn’t be stressful.  It’s supposed to be fun.




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