They Don’t Want Us To…

DJ Khaled’s ascension to one of Hip-Hop’s top personalities is nothing short of amazing.

I remember him as a pudgy DJ that worked with Fat Joe and was one of the top DJ’s in Miami.

Now he’s on Ellen.

He’s also on Snapchat all of the time.  The stats on Snapchat aren’t as in your face as other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, but I’m pretty sure Khaled is one of the top follows on there.

I’ve been tuning in lately.  I’ve seen him drop one of his catchphrases that he also uses on his music.

“They don’t want us to…”

The rest of the sentence is something along the lines of:  “They don’t want us to be successfull…They don’t want us to have mansions… They don’t want us to make another hit.”

Then he will finish it by saying that regardless of what “they” say, he is going to do it anyway.

“So we went and became successful… so we went and bought a mansion… so we made another hit.”

Who is “They”?

It’s never defined, but it doesn’t have to.  The establishment, the haters, society.  Blank terms but the message is crystal clear.

Don’t listen to what others say, go out and achieve success.

Reminds me of my track… They Don’t Want It Like Us!


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