HDMH – Height Doesn’t Measure Heart



I can’t lie.

As the Blue Jays started to improve in the middle of the summer of 2015, I jumped on the bandwagon.

Growing up, baseball was my favorite sport.  But then I got into basketball… and then football… and baseball became too slow.  My favorite team – the Montreal Expos – moved away.  The Blue Jays seemed destined to finish third or lower in their division since they had to face perennial powerhouses Boston and New York.

But then they made the trade for Tulowitzki and suddenly everything changed.  They were going all in.

Then Marcus Stroman came back early from an injury.

Something about him captivated the city and the country.  Maybe it was his hair.  More likely it was how he dominated when he came back.

But then I saw this hashtag and had to google it.


Height Doesn’t Measure Heart.

Stroman is 5’8 – I can relate to that.  I’m the same height.

But he’s got a lot of heart.

As you can see from his tatoo he’s he’s committed to it..

Love how he’s got the Martin Luther King quote to go along with it too!

I’m excited for the new Blue Jays season.  Hopefully they can win it all this year.



height tatoo

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