First Drafts

“I’m like the Raptors I have weak first drafts” – Shad

I love that line from Shad.

I’m a basketball fan in general, and of the Raptors specifically.

They’ve been a franchise for twenty years but haven’t had significant success.  One reason has been there poor record when it comes to drafting players.

Despite usually being able to pick in the top ten – due to their poor records – they have made several questionable picks over the years – Rafael Araújo being one of the biggest mistakes.

Shad is also a basketball fan.

That’s why I like how he blends the Raptors poor drafting history with his writing rhymes.

I feel the same way.  I’m usually not feeling confident after the first draft of a song.  It isn’t until I rewrite it again… and again… that I’m happy with the results.

I want to make sure every line… every word… is the right one.  The right amount syllables, the right metaphor, the right way to say it.

Now I know not to put pressure on myself when I’m writing.  I let the ideas flow out without being critical.  I wait till later to revise.

Just like this blog post that I wrote a few months ago and am revisiting now to polish it up… haha!



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