Work vs Art


I had the chance to see Seth Godin live recently.  He didn’t disappoint.  I’m a fan of his books and speaking and this is one of his sayings that has stuck with me – especially as an entrepreneur.

Being a full time artist or running your own business sounds like fun – you are your own boss.  That means you are in control.  But it also means trying to complete a never ending to do list.

One thing I’ve implemented over the last few years is more systems to handle work that I have to do repeatedly.  I’m often sent messages asking for the exact same thing so creating a standard email response has saved me an incredible amount of time.  I can still personalize the response, but the bulk of the work is done for me.

As a result, it frees up more time to focus on what I want to – my art… my rapping, my speaking, my writing, my dreaming.

Take this morning.  It’s 8:42 and I’ve already completed five key tasks of the day.  Without these systems, I would be spending the whole morning.  But now its looking like I’ll be able to work on some music all afternoon.

Ah yeah.



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