Loved this part of the interview that Quake Matthews did for Fiona Blooms Efficacy series.

He talks about how when he was growing up he looked up to rappers as if they were superheroes.

I can relate.  I thought the same way.  For me – Snoop Doggy Dogg, LL Cool J and Nas were larger than life.

I don’t look at it the same anymore.  Maybe because I’m older.  Maybe because I’m a rapper myself.  Maybe because the game has changed, but I don’t feel like musicians have the same mystique.

I think its more the last reason I pointed out – how the game has changed.

No more trips to the store to buy the new CD.

Social media brings you closer to an artist, but it also has helped lose the mystique.

Makes me wonder – would Michael Jackson be on Snapchat and post pictures on the Gram’?



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