Meant To Be…

It was twenty minutes before show time and I was setting up the equipment for my show.

The principal walked into the gym and we started talking.

One of the questions I asked her is something I always ask – how did you hear about the show?

She said: “It’s funny, because I received a copy of your brochure in the mail and then the next day a teacher told me she saw your video on facebook.  It was synergy.  See – you were meant to be here!”

Now I’m a positive guy.  After all, I’m a motivational speaker.  I’ve watched The Secret and I’ve read plenty of “success” literature.  On top of that, I’m a spiritual person.

With that said, it always makes me laugh when someone says it was meant to be.

I don’t know if it was as much of a coincidence as it was effective marketing.

There is so much noise out there that you have to use multiple strategies to target your contacts, customers and clients.

One of my most effective ways to reach schools has been sending an email.  It’s direct.  It’s often the preferred method of communication.

But sometimes an email can be overlooked as junk mail.

So I will also send a brochure.  Which can also be overlooked as junk mail or can be flagged and discarded by the gatekeeper – the secretary.

Another marketing tool I use is video.  I created a short video compilation of my school show and posted it on Facebook asking my friends to share.  In this case, a friend of a friend saw it and asked more about the program and then reached out to their principal.

When two or more forms of marketing connect it can be called “synergy” but I like to think of it as  effective marketing because it reminds the potential customer that they should take action.  It develops the story,  provides more information and makes it more likely that they buy.

Marketing using one method is okay.

But chances are, the more methods you use, the more successful you will be, and the more that you will hear the magic words…

It was meant to be.




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