Shark Tank Rejection

One of my favorite shows is Shark Tank.

As an entrepreneur, I enjoy seeing fellow entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to self-made business people.

But there is one thing that happens every episode that always gets me.

It happens after a Shark says the words “I’m out.”  It means that they are no longer in the running for investing in the company.

Nearly everytime the person pitching will say “Thank you.”

They may say “Thank you for your time,” or “Thank you for listening,” but it always starts with “Thank you” – not the first thing that comes to mind when you get turned down.

Smiling in front of rejection is tough, but it shows character.

It shows the commitment to your idea and that one persons lack of interest isn’t going to get you down.

It shows an ability to move ahead to the next, as there are other “sharks” and potential investors still available.

Even if none of the sharks commit, saying “thank you” shows that you are bigger than the moment.  There will be millions of people watching the show.  It’s best to use the moment as an advertisement instead of revealing disappointment.

It’s the right move to make every time.



3 thoughts on “Shark Tank Rejection

  1. Always, always stand up for your ideas and the things you believe in. Don’t let people tell you you can’t, because YOU CAN. Believe in the strengths of your ideas and thoughts. But don’t chase goals considered as perfect, because ‘perfect’ does not exist. It’s an idealistic term for ‘it’s never good enough’ but sometimes people don’t realize it. Put your feet back on the ground, take a deep breath and think about the point where your started, they paths you took, the things your learned from and think about the point where’re now at. If that ain’t good enough, what are you looking for then. Love yourself in the first place.


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