Don’t Know Who They Are…

Really enjoyed reading Charlagamagne Tha God’s new book.

One piece of advice he offers is about how to treat everyone with respect – you never know who they are going to be.

It’s not new advice.  It’s part of the old business axiom of treating people with respect as you go up because you never know who you will see on the way down.

The unique part of the music industry is that it’s not the same as the traditional corporate ladder where you work your way up.

Some artists go from unknown to Superstar overnight, or in a relatively short time.

Charlamagne’s story is about how you may have been lucky enough to go to the studio and see Jay-Z work on The Blueprint – one of his classic albums.  You could have been focused on getting access to Jay-Z.  If you’re a rapper, you may want to freestyle or showcase your music in hopes that he would sign you to his label Roccafella.  But if you only focused on Jay-Z you might have missed out on a couple of young producers: Kanye West and Just Blaze – unknown at the time, but now legendary.

As someone that has been in the music business for close to twenty years I know that this advice is true.

It’s part of the reason I always look to lend an ear to an upcoming rapper or listen to a beat that a young kid will send me.  I will connect with music business students and listen to their plans.

I’ve seen these young upstarts turn into buzzing acts and business professionals.

Recently I was in Germany for a music conference and festival.  I met a lot of musicians and business professionals.  Some of these musicians had worked with the biggest artists in the World – you wouldn’t notice it by how humble they were.  Some of these professionals were working at some of the top labels in the World – you wouldn’t notice it by how down to earth they were.

You stay at the top longer when you treat people with respect because even if you fall others will hold you up.



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