Acquired Taste

I remember the first time I listening to Wu-Tang Clan.  I didn’t like them.  I didn’t get it.  Their sound was different from everything else out there.  But after seeing the video a few times on Rap City one day it clicked.  I was hooked.  I became a fan and for the next several years I devoured all of their releases.

I could say the same thing for several other artists.

It took me awhile before it clicked.


I love the definition for acquired taste because of how it includes the word “experience.”

You have to try it to get it.

As an artist we get the word out about our work by talking about, sometimes we pay a publicist to promote it, we even make it look fancy.  We don’t do this just for someone to listen to it once while they are multitasking.  We want full attention.  We want people to be immersed and to listen without distractions.

Some people are good at sales.  They can convince you to check out their art.  But even then, you aren’t guaranteed to get the person to command their undivided attention.

Most good art, or good ideas, are things that are different.  They will be met with resistance.  The key is to keep pushing the ideas so that the audience acquires taste… and gives you the attention your art deserves.




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