I Used To Hate Puff

I used to hate Puff… Diddy… Daddy… Sean Combs.

It wasn’t so much Puff, but moreso Mase.  Or should I say Ma$e.

I didn’t like his voice, his flow, his rhymes, and maybe most of all – what they rapped about – money.

I felt there was more to music than that.

Diddy and Mase were flashy, symbolized by their shiny suits.

One thing I couldn’t deny is how catchy the beats were.

Twenty years later and I’m a fan.

I look back at how Bad Boy was a soundtrack to my teenage years.

Biggie will always be my favorite from the label, but now I have a newfound appreciation to Diddy and co music.

Using his own words, I now realize he “just wanted to make you dance.”

To have fun…

Which was especially important at a time of Gangsta music and East Coast / West Coast beef.

Puff was ahead of his time.

And as an artist sometimes you’re going to deal with resistance…. resistance that rappers call hate.  But its all part of the game.


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