Show Must Go On

The show was going fine… great even.

Then I noticed more people were looking at the screen than at me.

I turned around and saw that the Powerpoint wasn’t working correctly.  Instead of showing just one slide, it was showing the presenter view – a combination of a few different and upcoming slides on the screen.

I tried to fix it.  I switched displays, I closed the presentation and opened again – didn’t work.  Then I closed the program and tried again.  Still didn’t work.

So I turned it off and went on with the show.

At first I tried to gain my footing.  I’d been knocked off my game.

It had been my first show in a couple of months – my longest break of the year with the school break, so coming back to where I was wasn’t as natural as it normally was.  But I didn’t stumble, I kept the show going and finished strong.

During my freestyle part of the show I made a joke.  The topics were banana, money and cookie monster, before I started I said, “Couldn’t have given me something easy? today is already challenging day.”  The teachers laughed.

I apologized once for the technical difficulties but I didn’t come back to it.  Didn’t dwell on it.  The show must go on.

I thought about it after – I know that teachers could empathize.  I’ve seen countless teachers get stuck trying to get their presentations working correctly.  The kids?  They didn’t care.

At least the music still worked.

And really that’s the thing, when something goes wrong people only notice when you notice it.  If you forget a line most people don’t notice.  They don’t really care.

Some people have their head in the clouds.

It doesn’t matter what you say, or how you do, it matters how you make them feel.


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