We Should Talk

I don’t get out much.

Well I do, because I travel monthly, but when I’m at home, I’m at home.  My priority is my family and with two young children I stick to a routine during the week.

I also live in the suburbs.  Toronto is a big city and getting anywhere usually takes a minimum of an hour.

When I see someone at a conference, a show or the odd time when I’m out in the city I look forward to catching up with them.  But it always amazes me when someone says:

“We should talk.”

I get it.  There is something that we could discuss.  Usually its a business opportunity that would be mutually beneficial.

But why not talk about it right now?

I know that the chances of setting up a meeting and then following through and making it happen are rare.

The best opportunity is right now.

Delaying usually leads to the idea being lost in the business of life.

It’s always best to take advantage of the present.



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