I was at an industry event and this guy told me that it was time to give up.

“Your never going to make it,” he said.

“Come on, its a young mans game – we’re old now,” he continued.

He was – he is – someone I respect, but I wasn’t that phased.

We’d both been drinking – him a lot more than me, and I knew that part of his argument was fueled by alcohol.

He ended up apologizing the next day.

It’s funny when people tell you what you should be doing.

Funny because many times they do notw know the full story.

In this case, the guy knew me from being at industry events “no one can schmooze better than you” he says.  I’m good at networking.

But he doesn’t know about the 100 shows I do a year.

He doesn’t know that everyday I perform and have kids ask for my autograph.

As an artist gets older many make the transition into management.

I’ve managed artists.  The problem was I wasn’t making any money from him it.

My biggest artist was and is myself.

So I should give up my top money earning stream and the thing I enjoy doing because I won’tmake it”?

In fairness, he had some good points.  And most people do when they are giving advice.

I may not make it to Superstardom – and even may not could be a stretch as the chances get lower the older I get.

But that’s no longer my goal.  I enjoy what I’m doing and I make a living from it.

So it made me dig deeper.

I realized that his advice was also about projecting.

People often project their experiences onto others.

He gave up his career as a musician and thinks that I should as well because he sees similarities in our lives.

It goes back to another common saying in the music industry – critics and music business people are failed musicians.

I don’t agree with that statement, I think its too simplistic and to general. What I do think is that you need to be aware of someones advice.  Need to take it for what it is – advice – not authority.

And most of all you just need to do you.




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