Not So Fast

It’s always great to get a quick response.  At least that’s how I usually think of it.

When you send someone a message and hear back right away, it is great.  Your question has been answered.  You feel important that the person took the time to drop everything and respond right away.

But then I started thinking – maybe it’s not so great.   When you are responding to someone instantly, you were switching from what you are currently focused on.  It can break up your concentration.

I think that happens a lot nowadays in this phone connected culture.

When I’m in the studio working on music I don’t want to drop my concentration to respond to a non urgent text.

When I’m at the gym, I don’t want to take a longer time in between sets to send an email response.

When I’m working on business accounting, I do want to take a break to respond to an email but I know that I shouldn’t.

By the time that I jump back in to the task – whether the studio, the gym, or the accounting, I have to get back into the groove.  It’s broken my concentration.

I can imagine it is like this for others as well.

I try to take a break from email on Sundays.  Its rare that I will respond to messages.  I want to spend time with the fam, or watch football, or hit the gym, and I come back refreshed on Monday morning.

Maybe your sweet spot is responding to messages at 1 am.  I think its important to find a time that works best, but I also think its about finding the right time.

Sometimes its good not being so fast.


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