You’re Gonna Die

Heard this gem from Gary Vee when he was on the Jim Rome show.

He was was talking about a question he received from a woman during one of his talks.

The question was something like: “Can you offer me motivation? I’m stuck.”

His answer: “You’re Gonna Die.”

Jarring, but it worked.

It’s something that makes me think of motivational speaking guru Tony Robbins.

He talks about how change comes when you change someones state.  One of the most effective ways to do this is to shock them.  A statement like this is shocking.  But its also true.

When you realize that life is going to end, you drop the trivial, insignificant things and start focusing on the important.

You realize that time is short and that you need to hustle.

You realize that it doesn’t matter what others think or say about you, all that stands in the way of you and your goal is YOU.

We won’t be able to do this forever.



Four Magic Words

Over the last year, I’ve become a Gary Vee fan.

I’ve listened to his audio books and saw him speak in person.

But the one thing that stuck out is his recent appearance on a sports talk show.

He was a featured guest on the Jim Rome show.  One of my favorite shows.

It sounds like an odd pairing, Gary isn’t an athlete or involved in sports.

He’s an entrepreneur.

However, one of his lifetime goals is to own the New York Jets football team.

The host, Jim Rome, hadn’t met Gary before, but he had done his homework.  He asked great questions.

One of my favorite parts of the interview is when he said to Gary: “Can you tell the audience about the four words of advice that you gave to the woman in the crowd?”

Without pause, Gary responded:

“You’re going to die.”

Four powerful words.  Not the ones she was expecting.

But the impact of those words is immediate.

It forces one to stop thinking about the little things.

Oftentimes its the little things that prevent us from taking action on our big goals.

Being reminded that we only have one life creates urgency.

It makes us realize that we should spend less time worrying on what we can’t do, and more time focused on what we can.


Getting Back To The Routine

I’d been off track.

I hadn’t been going to the gym.  Hadn’t been jogging.  Hadn’t been reading and writing in the morning – a couple of my favorite habits.

But I wasn’t mad at myself.  I know that from time to time I’m going to go off track.

It was the holidays.  Then it was a business trip.

But after shaking off the jet lag, it was Monday morning and I was back.

For me, Monday’s are my anchors.  I know that I can get back on track by starting fresh at the beginning of the week.

So this morning I was up early.  Started reading, then writing.  Even got in my workout.  And it’s not even 9 am.

I’m back.

Well, at least I know I’m on track to getting back.

The Real Truth About Freestyling

I love to freestyle.

I do it alot.

I’ve even set a Guinness World Record for it.

Freestyling is a key part of my shows.  I ask the crowd for three topics and then I will quickly put together a rap using each topic.

Sometimes people will ask me “Wow how do you come up with it right on the spot?”

The truth is – half of the time I don’t.

Sure, word for word it won’t be the same, but I know the punchlines that I am going to hit.  I will have three or four lines ready as soon as I hear the topic.


Because I’m usually asked to use to the same topics.

I learned this when I started selling my CD’s at the beach.

I would ask a potential customer to give me three topics to rap about.  It took me til the third person to find out I was going to be asked nearly the same three topics…

“Rap about… cars!”  They would say enthusiastically.

“Hmm… rap about… the beach!”  They would say as they looked around and realized they were at the beach.

“Ahh I got it,” they would say with a smile.  “Rap about girls….”

Oooh you got me I’d feign.  Then I’d weave the three topics and sell a CD.

In schools its the same thing.  Most days I will be asked to rap about basketball… or Justin Bieber… but lately there is one topic that comes up more than any other.

Donald Trump.

So of course I’ve got to drop in “You’re Fired” and something about the Apprentice.  And depending on the crowd I can get a little deeper about some of his comments.

Freestyling is off the top.  Being prepared is helpful.

But its great when you can fuse the two together.  That is when it becomes really dope.




One Ways

It’s the feeling that you get when you see the name on the call display, or you see the facebook message or email with the persons name.

There are some people that when I see their name pop up I get a smile on my face.

Maybe its because I haven’t heard from them in awhile..

Maybe its because I know they will have a lot of positive energy shine through – even if its an email and not a call where I could hear that energy.

But oftentimes its the opposite feeling.

There are some people that only contact me when they want something.

I see their name and I’m hesitant to pick up.  What is it this time? I think to myself.

The legendary motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once said “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want

And as a motivational speaker myself, I believe in helping people.

The problem is when that becomes too much of a one way street.

I try to avoid being this type of person.

It’s the reason why I think its important to build a personal relationship with the people you do business with.

My favorite meetings – and often the most productive ones – usually are spent talking personal at the beginning.  How are the kids? How’s the wife? Where have you been traveling to lately?   After that, we get down to business.  That part fills up about 10% of the time.  But things get taken care of quick after that.


Write Something Interesting

Ironically, I saw this as I was just posting a link on Facebook to a new blog post I had written.

Just before I typed my post I saw the words write something interesting

Did it always say that?  I don’t remember seeing that before.

But this is from my artist fan page.  Did it say that on my regular page?

So I clicked over and ahhh something different.

“What’s on your mind?”

Your friends want to hear whats on your mind.

Your fans want to hear something interesting.

Or could it be, your fans just don’t want to be treated as if they are strictly consumers that are force fed your product as you compel them to click to your latest video, song or product.

Maybe what is interesting is what is on your mind.


Write It Down

I’m a freestyler.  I like to think on my feet.

Just as quick as I say a rap, I’m thinking about the next one.

The same thing used to happen to ideas- some for business, some for songs, some were just cool lines that I could fit into a song.

I’d come up with them and swear that I’d remember, only to forget.

That doesn’t happen to me much anymore.

I’ve learned the importance of writing things down.

I used to carry a small notebook around to do this.  But then sometimes I would forget a pen.

Now I just use my phone.  I use an app called Evernote so that I can write down ideas, songs, anything of note.

It’s great because it also is synched with my Macbook so that I can check my ideas later on.

Don’t miss out on your next big idea!

Write it down.