The First Step

It’s exciting to tell an artist that they have received a grant.

Especially their first one.

There is nothing like the feeling of finding your musical project going to be financially support.

The Government is giving you money to record your music!

And on top of that, it is the way YOU want to do it – not a label, but you.

However, one thing I’ve seen many artists fail to realize is that getting the grant is only the first step.

The music? That’s the easy part.  At least it should be because that’s the fun part.

The challenge often comes with completing the grant.

I’ve seen artists struggle with this step time and time again.

I’ve even seen artists have to send a cheque back to the grant organization because they failed to complete the grant properly.

Oftentimes this will be an artist that has just received one of their first grants.
Its usually not a big grant – not a $10,000 album grant or the $15,000 marketing grant.

It’s often a demo or showcasing grant – roughly 1500.

These artists want to move on to the bigger grants.

But one thing that I think is –  How do you think you can handle 15,000 when you can’t handle 1500?

The cold reality is – they can’t.  At least not yet.  They aren’t ready.

I’ve received over 200 grants and one of the key reasons is my track record in completing them.

How do you get more grants?  By completing the smaller ones so that you are ready for the bigger ones.

Take it step by step.  Complete it on time, or ask for an extension.  This is where many artists make a mistake as well.  Most grant organizations are open to extension provided you let them know in advance and explain what the issue is.

Become a success story by maximizing your grant.

Then you’ll be on your way to receiving more..