The Real Truth About Freestyling

I love to freestyle.

I do it alot.

I’ve even set a Guinness World Record for it.

Freestyling is a key part of my shows.  I ask the crowd for three topics and then I will quickly put together a rap using each topic.

Sometimes people will ask me “Wow how do you come up with it right on the spot?”

The truth is – half of the time I don’t.

Sure, word for word it won’t be the same, but I know the punchlines that I am going to hit.  I will have three or four lines ready as soon as I hear the topic.


Because I’m usually asked to use to the same topics.

I learned this when I started selling my CD’s at the beach.

I would ask a potential customer to give me three topics to rap about.  It took me til the third person to find out I was going to be asked nearly the same three topics…

“Rap about… cars!”  They would say enthusiastically.

“Hmm… rap about… the beach!”  They would say as they looked around and realized they were at the beach.

“Ahh I got it,” they would say with a smile.  “Rap about girls….”

Oooh you got me I’d feign.  Then I’d weave the three topics and sell a CD.

In schools its the same thing.  Most days I will be asked to rap about basketball… or Justin Bieber… but lately there is one topic that comes up more than any other.

Donald Trump.

So of course I’ve got to drop in “You’re Fired” and something about the Apprentice.  And depending on the crowd I can get a little deeper about some of his comments.

Freestyling is off the top.  Being prepared is helpful.

But its great when you can fuse the two together.  That is when it becomes really dope.