Over the last few years Kid Cudi has been known more for his public life than his music.  He had a falling out with mentor Kanye West, then he checked himself into rehab for depression.

But in the midst of his struggles, he also released one of my favorite inspirational songs – “Surfin”

It was surprising because a lot of Cudi’s music is dark.  Not depressing, but dark in a psychedelic, experimental way.

But on “Surfin” he taps into something else. Maybe it was working with Pharrel Williams who is known for his upbeat tracks i.e. “Happy”.

“I ain’t ridin’ no waves
Too busy makin’ my own waves, baby”

Cudi repeats on the chorus.  I connected with the sentiments the first time I heard it.  He’s not chasing trends, he is creating his own.

Then he hits with the perfect closing line on the hook:

“Surfin’ on my own wave, baby”

He’s made his own trends and now he is just staying in his own lane.


The ultimate control of being in charge of oneself and direction.