No Sleep

I never sleep cause sleep is the cousin of death

– Nas, “New York State Of Mind”

Nas has long been on of my favorite lyricists and I’ve always loved this line.

Alot of people brag about not sleeping.

Speaker Eric Thomas talks about how if you want success you have to want it as much as your next breath.  You have to be willing to work extremely hard, often meaning you can’t sleep.

I love Nas, and I’m a fan of Eric Thomas, but I completely disagree.

I think sleep is essential.

I think balance is essential.

There are times when I will have little sleep, I’ll power through a tough project or a busy time, but at the end I always end up recouping on my sleep.

If I didn’t I wouldn’t be effective.

I couldn’t always find time to sleep.  Back when we my son was born, and then my daughter,  I remember waking up at all hours of the night to change a diaper and then rock them back to sleep.  I’d wake up feeling like a zombie.

But that didn’t mean I didn’t sleep.

I’ve become a master of the power nap.  Give me twenty minutes and I can be out like light.  Wake up fully rested and recuperated.

I’ve learned the key is knowing and trusting your need for rest.

There is no point bragging about not sleeping when the result is that you become less efficient.

Take time to get the rest you need.