I don’t know how I missed this song.

“Surfin” came out in 2016 but despite the attention that centered around the Kid Cudi release, I never heard it.   Truth is, the buzz about the record had more to do with Cudi’s mental health than the actual music.  He had checked himself into rehab for depression.

Alot of Cudi’s music is dark.  Not depressing, but in a psychedelic way.

But sometimes he taps into something else, and he certainly does when he connects with Pharrell on this song Surfin.

“I ain’t ridin’ no waves
Too busy makin’ my own waves, baby”

Cudi repeats on the chorus.  It’s great.  He’s not chasing trends, he is creating his own.

Then he hits with the perfect closing line on the hook:
“Surfin’ on my own wave, baby”

He’s made his own trends and now he is just staying in his own lane.


The ultimate control of being in charge of oneself and direction.